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ROI for APIs: Using Hackathons to Evaluate Your API Program

Use hackathons to gather data on the value of your API publishing program

March 14, 2013
9am PST | 12pm EST

APIs are quickly becoming brands of their own and requiring product management strategies and marketing campaigns to be built around them to ensure they are effective. Hackathons provide a great way to grow developer awareness of APIs and attract the attention of thought leaders and influencers. But how do you demonstrate quantifiable ROI?

Join this webinar with AT&T's Developer Evangelist, Alex Donn, TechCrunch's Hackathon Events Manager Leslie Hitchcock and Layer 7's API Evangelist, Alex Gaber to learn how you can get feedback and data from hackathons that will help you prove the value of your API program.

You Will Learn
  • Which ROI metrics business managers want to see
  • What types of product research and testing you can conduct at a hackathon
  • How to collect feedback and data at the event
Presented By
Alex Donn
Developer Evangelist
Alex Gaber
API Evangelist
Layer 7
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Leslie Hitchcock
Hackathon Events Manager